Gopalji Solutions has an extensive experience in multi- module transport by road, rail and water, blending it with equipment for lifting, skidding and jacking of heavy weights. This ensures Gopalji Solutions position as a complete-service provider in the market for civil projects and infrastructure works.
Gopalji Solutions has a team of skilled and trained managers that handle cargo handling from factory to foundation with a combination of teamwork, skill and state-of-the art equipment. We tender to implement our experience and professionalism with the class of our engineering. The activities of Gopalji Solutions extend from the handling of heavy on site, construction, relocation or dismantling of buildings and industrial facilities.

Transport, lifting and assembly of prefabricated mechanism for infrastructure projects and        manufacturing construction projects
Construction support services for buildings, stadiums and other works
Relocation of buildings and entire industrial plants
Dismantling of ancient structures
Transportation and lifting of search equipment and subway dreary equipment
Transport, lifting and assembly of heavy ship sections, modules and cranes.