Corporate history

Strong and tough like the nature of the load that the company levers, Gopalji solutions have a remarkable and interesting history. It has evolved over time by serving enormous consumers, subcontractors, stakeholders, etc and building a strong relationship with them. We have been delivering excellent quality of technical solutions to our clients since _____ [mention year]. The company is owned by ______ [mention name] with experience and expertise from strong, triumphant and visionary business approach.

Gopaljii's mission statement is
"To develop paramount advance technical solutions in the market of heavy lifting and multi-modal transport for the benefit of our customers and the environment".

To achieve Goplaji’s mission we have devised an exclusive strategy: "to sustain its well-built repute by presenting pioneering and customer-driven key through development in markets of all kinds".
Gopalji’s developmental work will persist as their cranes and other equipments aim to support their strategy using sovereign expansion and strategic means, to facilitate and fortify our market position and maintain our competitive edge and service to our customers wherever they require our assistance. Our achievements are fortified through loyal customers and efficient employees, providing them a challenging and pleasant career.
Our strategy is associated with Gopalji’s belief in the strength of the services provide, our quality and safety programs, which are intended to care for the wellbeing of all cranes employees, subcontractors and customers. Moreover the solutions aim to safeguard the precious apparatus of both Goplaji Cranes and its clients and minimize the enduring impact of heavy lifting and transport activities on our nature and environment.