We at Gopalji solutions provide our customers with the most advanced cranes integrated with state-of-art computer control systems. We are equipped with extraordinary tools to support extraordinary challenge. Besides, we also deal with skidding system and strand jack system that enables to lift the lower or slide outsized loads. The computerized ballasting systems manage barges while the weighing systems are used for determining the mass as well as centre of gravity of the structure. We are equipped with the most conventional trailers of different capacity such as hydraulic, telescopic, crawler, floating, ring, jacking system and many other tools to secure load during transportation. On a regular basis, we operated specialized vessels and barges. These vessels and barges are mostly fitted to the ramps to roll on or roll off in cargo. Simultaneously, we also design and develop special tools to support specific tailor made solution. The special items include support frames, handling devices and steel structures to strengthen existing buildings before shipping to simulation model.