Gopalji Solutions offers a range of services that endows specialist heavy lifting and transportation solutions also near coastal areas. With this dissection, Gopalji Solutions offers proving its ability throughout the industry.
Their experience, synergy, valor and poise, Gopalji Solutions has established a distinctive position in the industry of heavy lifting and transportation. They offer solutions that pose to initiate exclusive solutions using their experience, knowledge. The transport capabilities, its engineering power, its global network and a huge range of special equipment have bestowed us with a reputation in Marine transpotation.
Gopalji Solutions services are as follows:

24 Hour emergency response.
Wreck removal
Safeguard Nature and Environmental
Design and rent out specific equipments
Offer consultancy and project management

Gopalji Solutions Logistics services are:
Transport, lowering and positioning immersed caissons, tunnel elements & concrete        structures
Installing pipes and cables
Transporting and lifting ship and yacht hulls
Installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines
Emergency response and environmental protection
Demolition of bridges, jetties and offshore installations
Marine piling and Positioning bridge
Auxiliary equipment rental