Gopalji solutions also provides services to deep mining industry including transportation and installation of bulky modular plants at isolated mine sites, general lifting services and sustaining maintenance procedures. Gopalji’s Solutions efforts in the mining industry cover both, the construction and installation of new plants and sustaining maintenance operations.
They also build large modules off-site mining and transfer them to the mine sites to assemble and install, evading requirements of carrying large numbers of construction equipments and workers to that remote sites. Gopalji Solutions has extensive experience of these operations, as our maintenance services are supported by experience in the petrochemical and power industries. We deliver services with efficiency and innovation within deadlines. Apart from the services, we possess a large fleet of equipments including cranes & transportation vehicles etc., and qualified and veteran workforce, being capable of undertaking large projects with ease on a single jobsite.
At Gopaji solutions, we also offer crane hire service for routine and general lifts. The Mining services offered are:

Transportation And Installation Of Modular Ore Plants
On-Site Moves
Transportation And Lifting Services For Maintenance Shutdowns
Jacking And Skidding
Crane Hire Services