Gopalji’s Solutions have also secured a place in all the market of lifting and transport of heavy equipments. While working in the offshore industry, they deliver precise, safe and sound execution of transport procedures by land, load-ins and load-outs, and the congregation of extremely large and heavy items.
The services Gopalji Solutions provides impeccably contest the industry’s need to assemble oil and natural gas production platforms before their final positioning at site. Gopalji Solutions also tender extensive range of specialized equipments built to heed of the delivery of heavy lift ships and rental cranes.

Offshore services
Designing, engineer development and management of all conveyance logistics
Load-in, load-out and transport of huge loads and heavy modules
Lifting, handling and assembly of topside components such as living quarters
Transport, load-out and congregation of ship sections.
Decommissioning procedures
Offer heavy lift ships and rental cranes Services