Gopalji Solution is more into rental activities supporting its customers with additional on-site flexibility and helping customers improve their scheduling and logistics. They also support a number of local projects including small and large as well as fulfilling the versatile requirement of customers for smaller cranes and many others.Goplaji solution has the potential to provide its customers with complete fleet of large and small cranes, transport vehicles and additional equipments required at the construction site.

Gopalji Solutions is equipped with telescopic cranes for the rental purpose within the range of 10-650 ton capacity. These telescopic cranes can be dispatched through roads or railways to any destination. They manage reservations and logistics from local offices. Gopalji Solution offers a choice of lattice booms and crawler cranes for customers looking for capacities over 500 tons. Here reservations and logistics are managed by Gopalji Cranes.
The advantage of Gopalji Solutions rental contract is that they are capable of fulfilling unexpected need for extra equipment, replacement or immediate repair, at any time and any hour. They also provide trained crew operators for the cranes and transporters.