Telescopic Cranes

Gopalji Solutions also provide clients with telescopic cranes that have a boom or trunk consisting of numerous tubes fitted one inside the other. It helps is in extending and retracting the length of the crane, with the use of hydraulic or powdered mechanism, according to its model. At Gopalji’s these types of booms are frequently used for short term construction projects, rescue jobs, lifting boats in and out of the water, etc. The relative compactness of telescopic booms makes them adaptable for many mobile applications. Telescopic cranes are tall, huge and offer a telescopic view of the project.

Sr. No. Make Crane Capacity Load Chart
1 Gottwald 300 Tons
2 Gottwald 95 /100 Tons
3 KRUPP 6275 275 Tons
4 Krupp 160 Tons
5 P & HT-750 75 Tons
6 Coles Octag 80/70 100 Tons
7 Coles 40 Tons
8 Coles T 30 35 Tons
9 Grove 40 Tons
10 Grove 20 Tons
11 Kato 15 Tons
12 Hydra 15 Tons Not applicable