Total Solutions

We hold a strong reputation in the market serving our clients in heavy lifting and multimodal transport since last 20 years. While undertaking any project, we emphasize on conceptual design as well as planning stages. We often widen our design limits to meet the specific requirements of our clients and even invest in high capacity equipments and special handling devices.

Numerous constraints are to be handled carefully while moving large and heavy objects from one place to another. The optimal solution determining how to cope with the limitations is accessed thoroughly with the help of engineering effort. Extra support is provided to the loads during their movement so as to maintain their stability. When a load is to be moved or has been moved, it is crucial to consider the initial and final configuration. The structural integrity of the load is also verified. We also draw out the time schedule while planning the operation for our customers.

The blueprint of the operation comprises the necessary skill and expertise provided to our engineers along with comprehensive package.